Forgotten Names Recalled

Lest We Forget

The Singapore Cenotaph Project has now come to an end after six years of research and commemorations.

The information collected on the Straits Settlements War Memorial, and other memorials in Malaysia, will be available on the Imperial War Museum's Lives of the First World War (LOTFWW), a permanent digital memorial from June 2019.

Although these memorials remembered Europeans and Eurasian men who died in the Great War, the project has not forgotten the contribution of Asian men.

The fact that there are Communities on LOTFWW for East Asians' contribution to the war efforts is due to the work of Rosemary Lim. These Communities are:
  • Chinese Merchant Seamen
  • Chinese Labour Corps
  • Japanese Merchant Seamen
  • Japanese in the Canadian Expeditionary Force
  • Chinese ANZACs

Unfortunately due to the cut-off date in March 2019 these communities are incomplete. Even so, they give a small window into the past and the Chinese and Japanese of the First World War who were soldiers in British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Forces, as well as labourers, Merchant Seamen and volunteers in organisations such as the Red Cross and the Young Men's Christian Association.