Forgotten Names Recalled: The Singapore Cenotaph Project


The Singapore Cenotaph Project is the initiative of Rosemary Lim (centre), author of An Irish Tour of Singapore.

Her interest in the cenotaph came about as a result of learning that an Irishman was the designer of this Singapore National Monument.

Guest writers for some of the men's  stories are Pierre Lee (right), who wrote about the seven Frenchmen commemorated on the cenotaph, Rosanne Woodmansee (left) who wrote the story of the Singapore cenotaph and some of the Australian men's stories. Elaine Young (not pictured) wrote some of the stories for the Scots who are listed on the Singapore cenotaph.

Rosanne Woodmansee, Rosemary Lim and Pierre Lee during the book launch of
Forgotten Names Recalled: Stories from the Singapore Cenotaph
on 3 August 2014 at The Arts House in Singapore.

Working in the background on the project were Maisarah Abu Samah, Ben Lim, Lim Boon Cheng and Anne-Lise Saint Gérand. Other volunteer contributors include MR VB Guy Martin, nephew of Guy Martin featured on this site's homepage banner, Mrs Carol Fletcher, great-niece of Llewellyn Kellar, and Dr Julian Davison, great-nephew of Robert Morris.

School archivists and librarians who gave freely of their time and knowledge are: Catherine Smith of Charterhouse; John Hamblin of King’s School, Canterbury; Nick McCarthy of Stamford School; David Pinney of Trent College; Suzanne Foster of Winchester; Beverley Matthews, Tonbridge School; Christopher Dawkins, Felsted School; and Tim Moreman of the Isle of Wedmore.

The project is not completed and research continues.

At the book launch we were thrilled to meet the great-niece of Cecil Clarke, one of our Eurasian Soldiers. Louise Clarke was able to fill in details of Cecil's life and times and also provide a photograph of him (see homepage banner).