Forgotten Names Recalled: The Singapore Cenotaph Project


It's been over a year since this blog was updated. Unfortunately I am the only volunteer now maintaining the website and continuing the research, however intermittently.

While we are grateful for the small grant received from the National Heritage Board of Singapore, it was limited to one year and further costs have to be borne by me. For this reason I have been unable to give the project as much time as I would like. It has also meant that the project has now turned to affiliation with Amazon to hopefully earn the £12 per month to host the site. Ironically the Forgotten Names Recalled book cannot be sold on Amazon because they allow T-shirts to carry book ISBN numbers (see earlier post). Even so, it does provide the easiest method to share book information.

I have chosen books that I have used myself, would like to buy or know the publisher's and/or author's other works and have no hesitation in recommending these. The mix includes guides to finding First World War ancestors, general genealogy guides and some useful books on Singapore history and Singapore today.

At some point I might add a bookshelf page, but for now this is enough to be going on with.
Many thanks for any support you can give.
Rosemary Lim