Forgotten Names Recalled: The Singapore Cenotaph Project

Here's the follow-up on the ISBN issue with the reply from the Singapore Library Board's Legal Deposit Department. I'm now armed and ready to tackle Amazon (not looking forward to that bit).

Dear Rosemary
We have raised this issue to ISBN International Centre (ISSN IC) for advice.   The ISSN IC has carried out a search on for 9789810910082, it does find the t-shirt but the product page on Amazon no longer actually displays the 978 EAN. This may mean that some sort of change has already done.   Nevertheless, the ISSN IC recommend that the publisher contact Amazon to let them know that the EAN they are using for the T shirt (and storing somewhere since a search still finds the product) is definitely NOT valid for that product. You can do it via the website – look for the section on the page that says: “See a problem with these advertisements? Let us know”.   If you have an account with Amazon, do inform Amazon that EANs that begin 978 are ONLY valid on books and should never be used on other merchandise.   We also wish to clarify that the ISBN issued by Singapore ISBN National Agency is a valid number.   Please contact Amazon directly on this issue. Thank you.
Rosemary Lim