Forgotten Names Recalled: The Singapore Cenotaph Project


This is the last day of February, the end of the month in which 100 years ago half of the 5th Light Infantry of the Indian Army mutinied. A great deal is written about this event, almost all focusing on its causes and its aftermath. There are lots disagreement, in some cases revisionist historians coming with some novel opinions.

However, this project always focuses on individuals. Below is a list of 47 names, the number of victims of the mutineers. Although it might appear that the men of the Singapore Volunteer Corps were killed in action, several of them died as civilians, caught at home or on the road without weapons. Although I have read about these men, I haven't noted who they were. Perhaps at a later date I will edit in the information and, with more research, add more details on the civilians.

The following information has been collated from several sources: the memorial plaque at the Victoria Concert Hall, memorials in St Andrew's Cathedral, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Kranji War Cemetery and articles from the Straits Times and the Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser. There are discrepancies in some details, which I have indicated in brackets.
  1. Major Reginald Hugh Galwey, R.G.A. (15 Feb), 80th Coy, aged 42, son of William and Maria Louisa Galwey, 84 Ashley Gardens, Victoria Street, London. Kranji Grave: 37. F. 4.
  2. Capt. Francis Vallance Izard, R.G.A.  (16 Feb) Kranji Grave: 37. F. 16.
  3. Capt. Moira Francis Allan MacLean, R.G.A., attd M.S.G. aged 30, Son of Allan and Emily Elizabeth Maclean. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 2.
  4. Capt. Percy Netterville Gerrard, M.S.V.R. (15 Feb), aged 45 son of Thomas and Elizabeth Gerrard, husband of Clare Gerrard, 66D Princes Square, Bayswater, London, born in Dublin. Kranji Grave:  37. F. 12.
  5. Capt. Perceval Boyce, Indian Army, 5th Native Light Infantry, aged 28, son of Henry George and Mary Boyce, 5 The Promenade, Castletown, Isle of Man. Kranji Grave: 37. E. 7.
  6. Capt. H(orace) Cullimore, Johore Forces (15 Feb) Kranji Grave: 37. E. 3.
  7. Capt. Abdul Jabbar, Johore Forces
  8. Lieut. Harold Seymour Elliott, Indian Army, 5th Native Light Infantry, aged 25, son of Robert James Alfred Seymour Elliott and Mary Jane Elliott, Thirlestane, Uxbridge Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex. Born at Teddington, Middlesex. Kranji Grave: 17. F. 9.
  9. Lieut. Angus Forsyth Legge, S.V.C.  (16 Feb) aged 26, Son of James Wilson Legge and Mary Anne Eddie Legge, of 1, Braemar Place, Aberdeen. Kranji Grave:  37. E. 22.
  10. 2nd Lieut. John Love Montgomerie, S.V.R. (15  Feb), aged 27, son of David and Agnes Montgomerie; husband of Katherine Jane Esther Fairweather Montgomerie, of Pitheavlis Bank, 98,Glasgow Road, Perth. Born at Glasgow. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 12.
  11. Stoker Charles Frederick Anscombe, H.M.S. Cadmus (16 Feb), son of Charles and Elizabeth Anscombe, 101 Graveney Road, Tooting, London. Kranji Grave: 37. E. 3.
  12. Sergt. F. H. Sexton, A.S.C. (19 Feb) Armed Civilians, CWGC: Corporal, E. H. T/15976 6th Coy, Army Service Corps [probably incorrect], Died of wounds, 15 February 1915, aged 30, son of Joseph and Emma Rebecca Sexton, The Chapel Hotel, Coggeshall, Essex. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 18.
  13. Sergt. George Wald, S.R.E. (V.) (15 Feb, [Reserve] Engineers), aged 28, son of Alexander Wald; husband of Amelia Christina Holland (formerly Wald). Born at Adelaide, South Australia. Kranji Grave:  37. G. 23.
  14. Corpl. Reginald Victor Beagley, R.G.A.  8814, 80th Coy, aged 30, son of James Evelyn and Mary Jane Beagley, 4 Tredegar Road, East Southsea, Porstmouth. Kranji Grave:  37. E. 15.
  15. Corpl. J.  G. E. Harper, S.V.R. (15 Feb) Kranji Grave: 37. F. 14.
  16. Corpl. Gordon Onslow Lawson, S.V.R. (15 Feb, Cyclist Scouts) aged 24, son of William James and Mary Jane Lawson, 140 Greenvale Rd., Eltham, London. Enlisted August, 1914. Born at Plumstead, Kent. Kranji Grave: 37. E. 20.
  17. Corpl. Donald McGilvray, S.V.R. (15 Feb) aged 27, son of Donald and Jean McGilvray, of "Craigowan," Northampton Rd., Croydon. Born at Greenock. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 3.
  18. Gunner John Barry, R.G.A. 35514, 78th Coy (17 Feb) Kranji Grave: 37. E. 4.
  19. Gunner Philip Walton, S.R.A. (V.)  (18 Feb, Artillery), Barrister-at-Law, son of the Hon. Mr. Justice Walton. Kranji Grave:  37. G. 24.
  20. Pte. William Henry Leigh, M.S.V.R. (15 Feb) aged 25, son of Joseph and Ellen Leigh. Born at Almondbury, Huddersfield. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 1.
  21. Pte. Frank Stuart Drysdale, S.V.R.  (15 Feb), aged 18, son of James Henderson Drysdale and Minnie Drysdale, Singapore. Kranji Grave:  37. F. 8.
  22. Pte. Bernard Cuthbert Cameron, S.V.R. (15 Feb) aged 25, son of David William and Hannan Cameron of St Michaels, Cadwell Road, Paignton, Devon. Kranji Grave: 37. E. 19.
  23. Pte. A. J. G. Holt, S.V.R. (15 Feb) aged 36, Kranji Grave: 37. F. 17.
  24. Pte. Yacob bin Salleh, Johore Forces
  1. Dr. E. D. Whittle, Government Service
  2. Mr. C.  B. Dyson, Government Service
  3. Mr. B. M. Woolcombe, Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.
  4. Mrs. B. M. Woolcombe
  5. Mr. C. Smith, Eastern Extension Telegraph Co
  6. Mr. J. Clarke, Prison Warder
  7. Mr. A. Evans, The Borneo Co. Ltd.
  8. Mr. N. F. Edwards, Paterson Simons & Co. Ltd.
  9. Mr. T. B. Dunne, Guthrie and Co., Ltd.
  10. Mr. E. D. Butterworth, Guthrie and Co., Ltd.
  11. Mr. D. J. Marshall, The China Mutual Insurance Co. Ltd.
  12. Mr. F. Geddes, Topham, Jones and Railton
  13. Mr. H. Collins, The Straits Bulletin
  14. Kassim bin Kasmammin, Motor-car Chauffeur
  15. Sim Soh, Hokkien Chinese
  16. Lim Eng Wee, Hokkien Chinese 
Buried in Kranji but not listed on a memorial
The following men died in Singapore within a few months of the mutiny. So far I have not been able to directly link their deaths with the events of February 1915, but I've listed them here in case there are others who can connect their deaths with wounds received during that month.
  1. Gunner J. Doyle, 29628 R.G.A., 8 May 1915, aged 39, son of the late James and Jane Doyle, John Street, Wexford. Kranji Grave: 37. E. 7.
  2. Serjeant, F. E. Stow, 19175, 32nd Coy, R.A.M.C., 10 July 1915. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 21.
  3. Gunner Walter Ernest Moreton, 56017, R.G.A. 80th Coy, 18 July 1915 aged 22, son of Edward E. Moreton of Paynes Cottage, Braishfield, Romsey, Hants. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 13.
  4. Pte. Albert Walker, 1st/4th Bn, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, 21 April 1915, aged 20 son of Mr and Mrs James walker, 34 Clee View, Highley, Kidderminster. Kranji Grave: 37. G. 33.
  5. 2nd Lieut William John Campbell, R.G.A., aged 36 (25 May 1915) Son of William and Elizabeth Campbell, Hedge End, Southampton; husband of Amy Gertrude Campbell, “Cobo”, Lichfield Road, Four Oaks, Birmingham.Kranji Grave: 37. E. 20.
  6. Serjeant, Edmund Lee, 11938 R.G.A. 80th Coy. , 12 Mary, Kranji Grave: 37. F. 21.
  7. Pte. Gordon Gray Hill, S.V.R. 16 July, aged 26, Son of James and Christina Gray Hill, of Sherrards, Welwyn, Herts. Educated at Winchester and Oxford. Kranji Grave: 37. F. 13.

Rosemary Lim